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Bridging the Scales in Glasses III


Bridging the Scales in Glasses III

16-17 Feb 2017 Mainz (Germany)

Dear colleague,

herewith I’d like to announce the workshop

Bridging the Scales in Glasses III
Mainz, Germany
February 16-17, 2017

This workshop is a sequel to the meetings that were held in Düsseldorf (2012) and Dresden (2013), and also the CECAM meeting ‚Role of Local Structure in Dynamical Arrest‘ in Mainz (2015). It is supported by the AK 4 ‚Non-crystalline and partially-crystalline structures‘ of the German Society of Crystallography (DGK).

Understanding and predicting the mechanical properties of amorphous solids is a major current challenge in materials science. The topic of this workshop is the structure and dynamics of amorphous solids (glasses and jammed materials) focusing on the mechanical response to external stresses such as shear and active forces. It shall bring together scientists from physics, chemistry, and engineering working both on fundamental and applied problems.

For further informations and updates, please visit the webpage

If you are interested in contributing to this workshop you are kindly invited to go to this webpage and submit an abstract (deadline December 2).

Kind regards,
Thomas Speck