MATRAC 1 School – Application of Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation in Engineering Materials Science

Deadline: January 31, 2023

The MATRAC 1 School will provide a systematic overview of the application of neutrons and synchrotron radiation to the structural analysis of engineering materials. Students and young scientists from research and industry from all of Europe interested in this field are welcome to participate.

The focus of the practical training will be on synchrotron experiments. Therefore, it is planned that the participants will spend two days doing experiments at the GEMS/DESY beamlines at PETRA III in Hamburg and at MAX IV in Lund.

The MATRAC 1 School is significantly funded by German and Swedish authorities. The participation fee is therefore only €120 (includes all school expenses, including accommodation, meals, bus, ferry, etc.)

There is the possibility to take an exam to get ECTS credit points.

The next school will take place in the period 12.03. – 17.03.2023 in Lauenburg/Hamburg and in Lund, Sweden.