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Rietveld analysis with BGMN

First Circular

User meeting “Rietveld analysis with BGMN”

Kindly supported by the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, RMS Foundation Bettlach, and the German- Swiss-Austrian Clay Group DTTG


This workshop is addressed at persons using the BGMN Rietveld program in research and education. Basic knowledge in X-ray powder diffraction is assumed. The content focuses on the use of laboratory powder diffractometers and the application of BGMN in phase analysis. Examples in the tutorials are mainly from minerals and rocks.

Computer exercises will be performed on the participants’ own laptop computers. The BGMN and Profex software are under GNU GPL and will be distributed for free. Versions for Windows and Mac OS X systems will be available. Copies of the presentations will be distributed as PDF files. Participation is limited to 20 persons and will be decided by the organizers on a first-come-first-served basis. Individual confirmation will be sent after the pre-registration deadline.

Content: 2 * 6 hours in total

– physical basics of XRPD related to laboratory instruments
– the Rietveld method and BGMN software
– use of the GUI Profex (Nicola Döbelin)
– profile modeling
– problems related to quantitative phase analysis
– settings of laboratory XRPD instruments
– simulation and checking of instrumental profiles
– computer exercises on prepared problems
– use of control files for phase quantification
– sources of errors in mineral quantification

Reinhard Kleeberg (Freiberg), Nicola Döbelin (Bettlach, Bern)

March 1-2 2016

TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Department of Mineralogy
Brennhausgasse 14
D-09596 FreibergGermany

includes workshop material and workshop dinner
full registration 180,- €
student reduced 80,- €

Participants are kindly requested to organise their own accommodation, e.g. via Freiberg tourist service http://www.klick-auf-freiberg.de/engl/index.htm


deadline January 24th 2016

by email to the address below, with name, institution, student/no

Dr. Reinhard Kleeberg
Tel. 0049(0)3731 393244
Fax. 0049(0)3731 393129
Email kleeberg@mineral.tu-freiberg.de