One Year of Pandemic: Research, Teaching, Studying

More than one year ago, the pandemic got serious in Germany and the first lockdown started. The accompanying contact restrictions had – and still have – a severe influence on all our lives.

But crying doesn’t help. We need to tackle the challenges and make our lives worthy again! This is true for our social and private lives, but also for us as researchers.

In this series of blog posts, we want to show you how different people from all over Germany managed their daily tasks during the last year. We will start with reports from the YC team and tell you how

  • … written exams can be performed online
  • … practical courses can be realized
  • … beamtimes can be conducted remotely as mail-in

Afterwards, we hope that you all will share your stories with us. This can inspire others to also overcome their challenges. Tell us about virtual conferences and meetings as an attendee or as an organizer! Tell us about your lectures that you present as a lecturer or listen to as a student! How was your defence? We are curious how you managed the last year!

Together, we can improve our lives until the vaccinations reach us youngsters.

Send your stories to: