Powder Diffraction, a Versatile Tool in Inorganic Chemistry

DGK-News Date: 9. Dezember 2013

Dear valued colleague,

following an invitation from the editorial board of Zeitschrift für allgemeine und anorganische Chemie (Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry), Uwe Ruschewitz and myself agreed to be guest editors of a special issue on Powder Diffraction, a Versatile Tool in Inorganic Chemistry in close cooperation with Martin Jansen as one of the editors.

The following topics are planned to be covered:

Methods and instrumentation

  • Modern instrumentation in the laboratory, at the synchrotron and at neutron sources
  • Qualitative and quantitative Rietveld refinement
  • Sequential and parametric Rietveld refinement
  • Structure determination from powder diffraction data
  • In-situ XRPD in dependence on time, temperature, pressure, gas loading, UV light, in battery cells, etc.
  • Powder diffraction in mechanochemical milling processes and sonochemistry
  • Atomic parameters, symmetry modes, polyhedral tilting, rigid body modes
  • Currently used software
  • Line profile analysis, domain size, microstrain, and defects
  • Pair distribution function analysis

Classes of substances and fields

  • New inorganic compounds, small molecules as well as new solids
  • Dyes and pigments
  • ZIFs, MOFs, and Zeolithes
  • Thermosalient crystals
  • Cements, flooring materials
  • Etc.

We cordially invite you to contribute an article/short communication/review/historical review to this special issue by April 1st, 2014. Your paper will be subjected to the normal peer review process. Please follow the guidelines for authors given at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1002/%28ISSN%291521-3749.

We would very much appreciate your contribution, to make this special issue a collectors item. We therefore kindly ask you to provide us with a tentative title as soon as possible (not later than January 15th, 2014). So far, no serious limitations on the lengths of the articles are given.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert Dinnebier (R.Dinnebier@fkf.mpg.de), Uwe Ruschewitz (uwe.ruschewitz@uni-koeln.de)

Contact details:
Prof. Dr. Robert E. Dinnebier Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research Heisenbergstrasse 1 D-70569 Stuttgart Germany Tel: (+)49 (0)711 689 1503 Fax: (+)49 (0)711 689 1502 E-mail: r.dinnebier@fkf.mpg.de Web : www2.fkf.mpg.de/xray

Prof. Dr. Uwe Ruschewitz Institut für Anorganische Chemie Department für Chemie Universität zu Köln Greinstraße 6 D-50939 Köln Tel.: (+49) (0)221 470 3285 Fax: (+49) (0)221 470 3933 http://solidstateii.uni-koeln.de/