PCCr1 – First Pan African Conference in Crystallography – 2016 October

DGK-News Date: 9. Februar 2016


This PCCr1 conference aims at bringing together African crystallographers,
mineralogists, solid state and structural scientists to increase the awareness for
crystallography and improve the educational opportunities for African
researchers and students of all levels.

The variety of activities will provide opportunities to engage with (i) the scientific community, from expert
crystallographers to young researchers and students of all ages, (ii) government representatives and policy-makers
from most African countries.

Scientific program
Chairman: Prof. C. LECOMTE,
Chair of the IUCr Africa initiative commission

Plenary Lecture : Prof G DESIRAJU Past IUCr President Bangalore India

Microsymposia :

  • Inorganic Materials and Mining Industry
  • Inorganic Materials and Industry
  • Minerals
  • Crystallography data bases
  • Crystallography for life science
  • Large Facilities for emerging countries
  • Crystal engineering and structural chemistry: function through design

Exhibitions booths will be available for companies and individuals.

Website: http://pccr1-2016.univ-dschang.org

Contact: pccr1.2016@univ-dschang.org