Meet the People: Doriana Vinci

A young woman with long black hair with a serious, but friendly look in her faceDoriana is the new Social Media Responsible of the Young Crystallographers since the 30th DGK conference in March 2022. Thank you for supporting us so well already last month, we are looking forward to a few great years with you in our board!

Doriana did an European Doctorate in Geosciences at the University of Bari (Italy) and University of Grenoble (France). She is a chemist by training with five years of experience in X-ray crystallography. So far her connections to Germany are very small, but in May, Doriana will join the group of Dr. Chris Milne at the FXE instrument at the European XFEL (Schenefeld/Hamburg) as PostDoc Scientist. Then she will be a part of the German Crystallographers and is already actively participating in our community.

Until now, she gave 10 talks at international and national conferences. She is a member of the International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) and the French Association of Crystallography (AFC).

What makes you the perfect candidate for the Social Media Manager?

I think to be a perfect candidate for the social media manager, because I already manage facebook and twitter accounts for the dissemination of crystallography and I enjoy a lot to share news, events, teaching materials etc. with the young crystallographers community! In 2015, I founded the FB group Crystallography World, which has now more than 4400 members and which promotes the crystallography dissemination! The related twitter account exists since 2019 and has more than 1200 followers.

How did you hear about the German Young Crystallographers?

I heard about the YC on social media (Twitter).

What are your research areas?

I love science since I was a kid: I have always been curious and excited to understand natural phenomena and I think this curiousity led me to explore “a lot‘‘ research areas!
Indeed, during the MSc thesis I started to work in Inorganic Chemistry: I did synthesis, crystallization and structural determination of Platinum complexes. Then, during the PhD, I moved my interests towards Crystallography applied to the Mineralogy: I synthesized and characterized smectite minerals. During my first PostDoc, I focused my research interests in Materials Engineering: I carried out in-situ time-resolved diffraction measurements with synchrotron radiation to investigate the microstructure and residual stress evolution of several metals during ultrasonic fatigue test in Very High Cycle Fatigue domain. In May, I will join the EuXFEL, where I will do research in the photochemistry area: I will explore photoinduced chemical reactions and phase transition dynamics to probe ultrafast atomic motions in molecular crystals.

If you want to learn about the results of my doctoral project, you can take a look here:

  • D. Vincia, B. Dazas, E. Ferrage, M. Lanson, V. Magnin, N. Findling, B. Lanson: Influence of layer charge on hydration properties of synthetic octahedrally-charged Na-saturated trioctahedral swelling phyllosilicates, Applied Clay Science 184 105404 (2020)  10.1016/j.clay.2019.105404
  • D. Vinci, B. Lanson, M. Lanson, V. Magnin, N. Findling: Hydration of Na-saturated synthetic stevensite, a peculiar trioctahedral smectite,  Clay Minerals 55(3) 229 (2020)