The board of the DGK has come to the decision that a complete restructuring of the workgroups of the DGK is sensible and necessary. A draft for this was presented at the last annual meeting in 2022 and discussed by the members. Based on the results of this discussion, a structure was worked out at the fall meeting of the Board, which will be presented to the General Assembly for decision at the 2023 Annual Meeting:

JKYC Young Crystallographers
Teaching of Crystallography
Experimental Methods
Theoretical Methods
Biological Crystallography
Chemical Crystallography
Physical Crystallography
Mineralogical Crystallography
Materials Science Crystallography

Regulations governing the activities of the workgroups of the German Society for Crystallography e.V.

The webpages for the new structure of the workgroups in the DGK are currently under construction (the editing will take place successively until the DGK board meeting in fall 2023). The web pages of the old DGK workgroup structure can be found here.