Bremen 2014

1st Meeting of the “Young Crystallographers” / “Junge Kristallographen”
(Arbeitsgruppe der DGK)

Sunday September 28th – Tuesday September 30th 2014
@ Universität Bremen

DGK AK YC Bremen 2014 - Group Picture

The meeting took place on the campus of Universität Bremen (building NW2, lecture hall C0300 and entrance hall).

In addition to three invited talks by experienced researchers, the program focused on the research of the “young crystallographers”. Every participant had the opportunity to give a very short “lightning” presentation to introduce their research. Each contribution was complemented by a poster, which was presented in a subsequent session.

By giving each participant the chance to both, speak in front of the entire assembly, as well as have dedicated discussions in front of their respective posters, we combined the benefits of both types of presentation. Everybody had maximum exposure and, at the same time, had the time to have in-depth conversations with their peers.

Scientific Program

Social activities included a barbecue get together on Sunday, a guided tour on Monday evening, an excursion to the droptower on Tuesday afternoon, as well as blacklight miniature golf and dinner on Tuesday evening.

see also the report from the meeting by Julia Ilina on the blog

Scientific Program


Keynote lectures: 60 min, incl. discussion
Lightning presentations: 5 min, no discussion
Industry presentations: 20 min + 10 min discussion
Posters: A0 format = 84.1 × 118.9 cm, portrait

Poster Prizes

Five poster prizes sponsored by STOE were awarded to

Anja Burkhardt, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY
Lilith Domnik, Humboldt University of Berlin
Ken Inge, University of Kiel
Pawel Kuczera, ETH Zurich
Falk Meutzner, TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Bremen 2014 Poster Prizes

Ken Inge was also awarded with the special prize of the Meeting of the Young Crystallographers 2014 in Bremen.

The winning posters:

High Pressure Freezing of Macromolecular Crystals, Anja Burkhardt


Exploring structure and function of CO Dehydrogenase II from Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans, Lilith Domnik


Direct-space methods for the structure determination of open- framework oxides and metal-organic frameworks, Ken Inge


Thermal stability of Al-Cu-Rh decagonal quasicrystal, Pawel Kuczera


Application of crystallography in electrochemistry – en route to new concepts for energy storage, Falk Meutzner



The evaluation carried out near the end of the meeting rendered very positive results.

The meeting itself received very good marks overall (averaging to 1.4 – in German school grades, 1 = very good, 6 = poor), with good grades for organizational aspects: amount & timeliness of advance information – 1.5 & 1.3; possibilities for exchange between participants – 1.2. The duration of the meeting (2.5 days) seemed to be optimal and the number of participants good, while a slightly larger audience might be beneficial.
The venue at the university of Bremen received good overall grades (1.5) and the social program surrounding the meeting were very well-received (1.1).

Concerning the scientific program, the participants were rather self-critical, grading the quality of the lightning presentations with 1.9 and demonstrating that this is a new format for everybody. The poster sessions were graded positively (1.5) and made up for the short talking time.
With respect to talks given by industry speakers and keynote lectures, the overall evaluation was very positive, and one or two additional invitees will probably be well-received at the next meeting of this series.


Julia Dshemuchadse, ETH Zurich
Oliver Pecher, University of Cambridge

Local Organizers:

Hanna Lührs (Chair, Finances)
Michael Fischer (Registration)
AG Kristallographie, Fachbereich Geowissenschaften, Universität Bremen

Malik Sehovic
AG Chemische Kristallographie Fester Stoffe, Fachbereich Chemie, Universität Bremen

Local Contact:

YCR_Bremen_2014 (at)

Sponsors / Förderer







Universität BremenExzellenzuniversität

Sanofi Aventis




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