Brochure Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie

The new brochure Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie (German Society for Crystallography) offers laypersons an insight into the thematic breadth of the subject. The booklet can be downloaded by anyone interested as a pdf from the DGK homepage. Printed copies in German and English are available free of charge for teaching purposes from the Secretary of the Society.


Crystallography matters!

The UNESCO brochure “Crystallography matters!”. On the International Year of Crystallography 2014 as PDF


Brochure Crystallography in Germany

The brochure Crystallography in Germany is available and can be downloaded free of charge from the DGK homepage (download brochure in PDF format) or can be obtained for a small contribution towards expenses.


DGK announcements

The DGK announcements are published once a year.

All available issues can be downloaded as PDF from the DGK homepage.



Reports from DGK working groups

The aim of the series “reports from the DGK working groups”  is to make particularly successful elaborations of events of the working groups accessible to an interested audience.