Brochure Crystallography in Germany

Publisher: German Society for Crystallography e.V.

The brochure Crystallography in Germany announced at the general meeting in Kiel is now available hot off the press and can be downloaded free of charge from the DGK homepage (download brochure in PDF format, approx. 1.5MB) or can be obtained with a small contribution towards expenses. The price of the brochure consists of the cost of production (approx. 1 Euro) and shipping (depending on the number):


Price (including shipping) Order
from 1 3 Euro / brochure Orders are to be sent in writing (by post or fax) to the
editor of the DGK-Mitteilungen.
-> Download purchase order form (pdf, ~400KB)
from 5 2 Euro / brochure
from 10 1.5 Euro / brochure
from 50 1.2 Euro / brochure
from 100 1.1 Euro / brochure