By Tilmann Leisegang and Tina Weigel (TU Bergakademie Freiberg) Chocolate is not just chocolate. It comes in countless varieties from
Having studied Chemistry at Edinburgh University, Maria enjoyed exploring different fields by undergoing a year in industry at Agfa-Gevaert, where
Kristopher Nolte mit seiner Betreuerin Andrea Thorn, die beide einen Preis bei der DGK-Konferenz 2022 gewonnen haben.
Congratulation, Kristopher, on winning the Lieselotte Templeton Prize for your outstanding Bachelor thesis! Kristopher started to study biochemistry at the
Spotlight of Germany's Young Crystallographers
We proudly present to you: our Special Issue from, by and with the Young Crystallographers of the DGK! Our aim
Noah Nachtigall, Gewinner des Lieselotte Templeton-Preises.
Congrats, Noah! He won the freshly established Lieselotte Templeton Award for his Master thesis with the topic Improving Multidimensional Data
Congratulations to Niels Lefeld on winning one of the STOE Lightning Talk Awards of the 30th Anuual Conference of the
Jakob Möbs got elected as new Co-Chair of the Young Crystallographers by a narrow majority of one vote at the
Alexander mit seinen Kollegen Laetitia Bradaczek und Niklas Langer an P24, DESY.
Alexander has won the Lieselotte Templeton Prize in 2022 for his outstanding bachelor thesis with the topic Synthesis, crystal structure
Eine junge Frau mit langem schwarzem Haar und einem ernsten, aber freundlichen Ausdruck im Gesicht.
Doriana is the new Social Media Responsible of the Young Crystallographers since the 30th DGK conference in March 2022. Thank
Foto von Helena Butkiewicz, eine sehr aufgeschlossene, fröhliche und kreative Person. Sie hat pinkes Haar und trägt eine Brille.
Helena Butkiewicz presented her fascinating research about Crystal strucutres of host-guest complexes of carboxylated pillar[5]arene with drugs at the 30th