Working groups

On the status of the reform of the DGK working groups

The board of the DGK has come to the decision that a complete restructuring of the working groups of the DGK is sensible and necessary. A draft for this was presented at the last annual meeting in 2022 and discussed by the members. Based on the results of this discussion, a structure was worked out at the fall meeting of the Board, which will be presented to the General Assembly for decision at the 2023 Annual Meeting:

Draft of the new DGK working group structure

  • AK 1 Young crystallographers
  • AK 2 Theory and teaching of crystallography
  • AK 3 Experimental Methods
  • AK 4 Theoretical methods
  • AK 5 Biological Crystallography
  • AK 6 Chemical Crystallography
  • AK 7 Physical Crystallography
  • AK 8 Mineralogical Crystallography
  • AK 9 Materials Science Crystallography

Regulations governing the activities of the working groups of the German Society for Crystallography e.V.