Göttingen 2015

Microsymposium “Young Crystallographers Lightning Session”
and Get-Together of the “Young Crystallographers”
at the 23rd Annual Conference of the German Crystallographic Society

Chairs: Julia Dshemuchadse (Ann Arbor, MI, US), Oliver Pecher (Cambridge, UK)

Monday March 16th – Thursday 19th 2015
@ Georg-August-University Göttingen

From nearly 60 submissions, 22 abstracts of young scientists were selected for 5-minute presentations during a lightning talk session and a subsequent poster session.
STOE sponsored three prizes that were awarded by a committee of three experienced scientists to:

Christina Drathen, ESRF Grenoble
Erik Thelander, Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification Leipzig
Marie-Theres Vielberg, Technische Universität München

Göttingen 2015 Poster Prizes

The winning posters:

Symmetry-mode analysis of the superstructure of KMnCrF6, Christina Drathen


Epitaxial growth of pulsed laser deposited Ge-Sb-Te thin films on (111) oriented substrates, Erik Thelander


Crystallographic analysis of the ClpP1/2 heterocomplex from Listeria monocytogenes, Marie-Theres Vielberg


The presentations given at the microsymposium were:

  • MS04-T01, “Epitaxial growth of pulsed laser deposited Ge-Sb-Te thin films on (111) oriented substrates”, Erik Thelander (Leipzig/DE)
  • MS04-T02, “Real time structural dynamics and entropy insights into the early unfolding kinetics of ubiquitin – rapid mixing micro-channel based time-resolved small angle X-ray scattering at synchrotrons”, Rohit Jain (Göttingen/DE)
  • MS04-T03, “Hexanuclear Metallacryptates: Cu(α-amino-carboxylate)2 as Building Units for Self Assembly”, Kevin Lamberts (Aachen/DE)
  • MS04-T04, “Biochemical and structural studies on reaction mechanism of the acetyl-CoA synthesis”, Yulia Ilina (Berlin/DE)
  • MS04-T05, “Crystallization kinetics of zeolite Li-A(BW) in dependence of the aluminosilicate educt and the reaction temperature and time”, Daria Zeibig (Hannover/DE)
  • MS04-T06, “Anisotropic Displacement Parameters from Dispersion-Corrected DFT and their Experimental Validation by X-ray Diffraction”, Ai Wang (Aachen/DE)
  • MS04-T07, “Isoreticular Solvo- and Polymorphs: Cu(I) in a Stable Bimetallic Coordination Network”, Friedrich Steuber (Aachen/DE)
  • MS04-T08, “Do we know the Pyroelectric Coefficient of Barium Titanate?”, Hartmut Stöcker (Freiberg/DE)
  • MS04-T09, “CO Dehydrogenase II – Digging channels for small molecules”, Lilith Domnik (Berlin/DE)
  • MS04-T10, “Identifying new inorganic Na-ion conductors using data-mining and geometric crystallography – the Voronoi-Dirichlet approach”, Falk Meutzner (Freiberg/DE)
  • MS04-T11, “Synthesis and local structure of CuxZn2-xTiO4 spinel unveiled by Raman spectroscopy”, Man He (Frankfurt am Main/DE)
  • MS04-T12, “High resolution polarized Raman scattering study on multiferroic MnWO4, Fabian Ziegler (Göttingen/DE)
  • MS04-T13, “New Mn23Pt12Ga11 phase, synthesis, crystal structure and its complex phase reaction scheme”, Bayardulam Jamiyansuren (Dresden/DE)
  • MS04-T14, “Structural chemistry of the SrOCuOAs2O5 ternary system: crystal structure of Sr2Cu7(AsO4)6, Sabrina Gerger (Wien/AT)
  • MS04-T15, “Crystal branching phenomena in natural and gel grown calcites”, Felix Wiethoff (Bochum/DE)
  • MS04-T16, “Structure and Dynamics of Substituted η3-Cycloheptatrienide-Pd Complexes”, Christian Jandl (Garching b. München/DE)
  • MS04-T18, “High resolution structure of apo-furin reveals competitive and allosteric inhibitor mechanisms”, Sven O. Dahms (Jena/DE)
  • MS04-T19, “From square-planar to octahedral: Crystal Structures of Cycloplatinated Primary Amines in Octahedral Coordination”, William Raven (Aachen/DE)
  • MS04-T20, “Symmetry-mode analysis of the commensurately modulated superstructure of tetragonal tungsten bronze KMnCrF6, Christina Drahten (Grenoble/FR)
  • MS04-T21, “Spinophilin restricts Neurexin signaling to protect from excessive seeding of new active zones”, Jan H. Driller (Berlin/DE)
  • MS04-T22, “Crystallographic analysis of the ClpP1/2 heterocomplex from Listeria monocytogenes”, Marie-Theres Vielberg (Garching/DE)