To improve our network by initiating or strengthening our collaborations, the Young Crystallographers started a so called lab on ResearchGate.
First X-ray diffraction experiment
History of crystallography Peter J. HeaneyMelanie Kaliwoda IUCr Newsletter (2020) Volume 28, Number 3 Walter Friedrich (1883–1968) was the
Constantin Buyer is a Young Crystallographer since 2018 when he visited his first DGK conference in Essen. Since September 2020
Written by Tatjana Barthel  Macromolecular Crystallography group at BESSY II) The outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 pushed all of us into a
Written by Falk Meutzner (formerly TU Bergakademie Freiberg) Corrected by Dennis Wiedemann (formerly Technische Universita ät Berlin) I am not
Tina Weigel is a Young Crystallographer since she attended the 1st LabMeeting @ STOE in 2015 where she won a
Bipasha Debnath attended the 1st Joint Polish-German Crystallographic Meeting 2020 in Wrocław/Poland. In the lighting talk session she presented her
Zhenyu Wang gave insights to the Understanding cation distribution in Zn1+xGeN2Ox        (x < 0.1) at the 1st Joint Polish-German
Written by Jan Philipp Wöhrle, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg  Dear fellows and friends of the Young Crystallographers, We hope that you are
During the 1st Joint Polish-German Crystallographic Meeting 2020 in Wrocław/Poland, Elżbieta Wątor presented her research DHS structure and function: On