beamtime group fotos. left: normal beamtime, the group is standing in the experimental hutch smiling. right: screenshot of a video discussion.
If you also have some interesting stories to tell about the pandemic, write them down and we will publish them!
Constantin wearing a shirt saying 'water is a polar molecule'. and three comic figures fishing in holes of an icy pond
Since September 2020, Constantin Buyer managed the social media accounts of the Young Crystallographers, which is why we already introduced
Collection of fotos of the three jury members: Martin Etter (DESY), Michael Teck (STOE), Alexander Pöthig (TU München), the two Session Chairs: Tina Weigel (TU Bergakademie Freiberg), Jan Philipp Wöhrle (University Freiburg), and the five speakers: Michael Rütten (winner, University Hamburg), Marius Kremer (RWTH Aachen), Steven van Terwingen (RWTH Aachen), Krishnayan Basuroy (DESY), Hans Gildenast (RWTH Aachen)
Written by Thomas Pickl, PhD candidate in Chemistry at TU Munich. While many of us are currently experiencing strict governmental
One Year of Pandemic: Research, Teaching, Studying
More than one year ago, the pandemic got serious in Germany and the first lockdown started. The accompanying contact restrictions
Michael Ruetten smiling in his lab
Meet Michael Rütten! He won the STOE Prize of the DGK Young Crystallographers at the Virtual DGK Conference organized by
Einführung in die Kristallographie, 20. Auflage Will Kleber (Gegründet von) Joachim Bohm, Detlef Klimm, Manfred Mühlberg, Björn Winkler (Autoren) 2021
written by Tina Weigel Hi Crystallographers, We – the Young Crystallographers and the German Society of Crystallography (Deutsche Gesellschaft für
To improve our network by initiating or strengthening our collaborations, the Young Crystallographers started a so called lab on ResearchGate.
First X-ray diffraction experiment
History of crystallography Peter J. HeaneyMelanie Kaliwoda IUCr Newsletter (2020) Volume 28, Number 3 Walter Friedrich (1883–1968) was the
Constantin Buyer is a Young Crystallographer since 2018 when he visited his first DGK conference in Essen. Since September 2020