Nr. 1 (1998)

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„Application of Computer Simulations to Mineralogy“

(Kiel, März 1997)

B. Winkler (Herausgeber – editor)

212 Seiten

Inhalt – Table of contents:

1 The role of Computer Experiments in Mineralogy V. Heine
2 Parameterized Model Calculations in ‚Computational Mineralogy‘ B. Winkler, M. Dove
3 Crystal Physics H. Küppers
4 Phase Transitions: A Short Introduction into some Basic Concepts W. Depmeier
5 Thermodynamics in Mineralogy: A Macroscopic Approach Ch. A. Geiger
6 Density Functional Theory: Technology for Total Energy Calculations V. Milman
7 General Utility Lattice Program J. Gale
8 Abstracts (Contributions of participants)