Nr. 2 (1998)

Ausverkauft – sold out


„Predictability of physical properties of crystals“

(Rigi, Mai 1998)

J. Schreuer (Herausgeber – editor)

Inhalt – Table of contents:

1 Structure and Morphology H. Küppers
2 On a Rational Principle for Designing Polar Organic Crystals J. Hulliger
3 Interpretation of elastic properties of crystals from empirical data S. Haussühl
4 Quadratic electrostrictive effects and their correlation with the anharmonicity of lattice potentials J. Schreuer
5 The calculation of optical properties in crystals W. Kaminsky
6 Numerical simulations of dislocation motion and crack propagation in quasicrystals H.-R. Trebin
7 Lattice vibrations in solids: Studies by neutron spectroscopy and model calculations W. Reichardt
8 Prdeicting the Structure and Properties of Materials from Empirical Models J. Gale
9 Structure prediction and Modelling of Solids: An Energy Landscape Point of View Ch. Schön
10 Crystal properties from quantum-mechanics: the periodic ab initio LCAO approach M. Catti
11 LAPW Calculations by Density Functional Theory K.-H. Schwarz
12 A comparison of static lattice energy calculations for the prediction of structures and their properties B. Winkler