Nr. 11 (2002)

Preis: Euro 7,50


„Application of solid state NMR in mineralogy“

M. Fechtelkord (Herausgeber – editor)

Inhalt – Table of contents:

1 Introduction to the areas of application of solid state NMR spectroscopy in mineralogy.
2 Structural study of Na8[AlSiO4]6(CO3)x(HCOO)2-2x(H2O)4x, 0.2<=x<=1, synthesized in organic solvents: Order and disorder or carbonate and formate anions in sodalite.
3 Influence of sodium ion dynamics on the 23Na Quadrupolar interaction in sodalite: A high-temperature 23Na MAS NMR study.
4 Sodium cation dynamics in nitrate cancrinite: A low- and high-temperature 23Na and 1H MAS NMR study and high-temperature Rietveld structure refinement.
5 Characterization on synthetic Cs-Li-cancrinite grown in a butanediol-water system: An NMR spectroscopic and Rietveld refinement study.
6 Proton dynamics in letovicite, (NH4)3H(SO4)2: A 1H and 14N NMR spectroscopic study.
7 NMR spectroscopic study of 207Pb in pure and Ba-diluted Pb phosphate.
8 Influence of fluorine content on the composition of Al-rich synthetic phlogopite: New information on structure and phase-formation from 29Si, 1H and 19F MAS NMR spectroscopies.
9 Summary.