Max-von-Laue-Prize goes to Mirijam Zobel

Author: Daniel Többens - Date: 18. January 2019

The German Society for Crystallography awards the Max-von-Laue-Prize 2019 to Prof. Dr. Mirijam Zobel, Junior Professor of Solid State Chemistry – Mesostructured Materials at the University of Bayreuth, in recognition of her investigations into the restructuring of liquids at solid/liquid interfaces by means of X-ray diffraction and pair distribution function analysis, especially for her understanding of the restructuring of the liquid boundary layer to nanoparticles.

The Max von Laue Prize is endowed with prize money of € 1,500 and also includes an invitation to present the awarded work at the next annual conference in 2020. The price will be presented on the honorary evening of the annual meeting of the German Society for Crystallography on March 25, 2019 in Leipzig.