Regular Digital Pub Meetings

Regular Digital Pub Meetings of the “Young Crystallographers“

Location: GatherTown
Date: 05/19/2021

Digital Pub Meeting:
After several successfull meetings, we are happy to announce that the Digital Pub Meetings will be held regularly from now on. We invite you to join us on the third wednesday of every month. The Meeting is a great chance to talk to colleagues and friends, get in contact with the team of the YC, inform yourself about this workgroup and what we are planning to do in the future.

The date of the next meeting is the 05/19/2021 at 7 pm (UTC+1).
This time we will use the software GatherTown and with the following link and access code you can easily connect via browser to the meeting:
Access code: jDGK

The program for the meeting can be found here.