Membership in the DGK

Membership in the DGK offers the following advantages:

  • With your annual contribution you support the work of the DGK and thus the promotion of young scientists.
  • Conferences, working groups, and workshops of the DGK bring you into contact with scientists from a wide range of disciplines.
  • With your right to vote you can influence the work of the DGK at the general meetings, which are usually held in connection with the annual meetings.
  • Members of the DGK pay a reduced conference fee at the annual meetings of the DGK.
  • Every year, all members receive the ‘Mitteilungen’, which provide up-to-date information about crystallography. In addition, the DGK maintains a website with a wide range of information.

Application for membership / Changes

If you would like to become a member of the German Society for Crystallography, you can download the application form here, complete it and send it to the chairman of the DGK. You will find the address on the application form.

For changes of your membership data (e.g. changes of address, etc.) please use our form member data.


Excerpt from the Contribution Regulations of the German Society for Crystallography e.V. of 29 March 2023

The annual membership fee is shown in the following table:

– A Full members 35 € (+ 5€ donation*)
– B Student members 10 €
– D PhD students (up to the age of 31) 10 € on application
– E Non-positional members 10 € on request
– F Retired members or early retirement 10 € on application (+ 5€ donation*)
– G Impersonal members by agreement with the Executive Board

A retired member can apply for life-long membership from the age of 65 by paying a lump sum of €120 (without further future contributions).

*The donation will be used for the funds of the Max-von-Laue prize. Members who wish to participate in the direct debit procedure and do not wish to donate must file an objection.