Order for the Max-von-Laue Prize

(Version according to the resolution of the general meeting of 17.03.2015)


The German Society for Crystallography (DGK) awards a prize dedicated to the memory of Max von Laue.


The prize consists of a certificate and an amount of money and is usually presented at the annual conference of the German Society for Crystallography. The prize money should be at least 1500 €. The prizewinner has the right to present the award-winning scientific work at the following annual conference.


The award honours outstanding scientific work by young scientists in the field of crystallography in the broadest sense. The prize committee takes into account the outstanding achievements of the previous five years in particular.


As a rule, the prizewinners’ doctorates should not have been awarded more than ten years ago, taking into account periods of education.


The prizewinners are selected by a committee consisting of four elected DGK members and the chairperson of the DGK (ex officio). The four committee members to be elected are elected by the general meeting of the DGK for three years; they may be re-elected once. The committee elects a chairperson from among its members, who takes the lead, ensures that deadlines are met and prepares the resolutions.


The Committee shall make its decision on the basis of proposals communicated to or obtained from the Committee. All members of the DGK as well as members of professional and associated societies and other interested scientists are entitled to make proposals. The award must be announced in good time, but at least three months before the award ceremony, in the announcements of the DGK, the homepage of the DGK and in publications are accessible to a broad audience. Proposals should be submitted to the chairperson of the committee at least eight weeks before the award ceremony.


The assets of the Max von Laue Prize are held in a separate account of DGK and their value must always be maintained undiminished. Contributions and donations by members of DGK or third parties increase the assets if they are expressly intended to do so. The proceeds of the assets are to be used for the prize money.


The prize money of the Max von Laue Prize is taken from the income from this property, the donations or other income of DGK for the prize money.


The treasurer submits an annual report on the assets and earnings of the Max von Laue Prize to the board and the general meeting of the DGK, which is to be audited by the auditors of the DGK.