Statues of the German Society for Crystallography (DGK)

AS OF: 18.03.2014


The foundation of the German Society for Crystallography e.V. (DGK) represents the organisational development of the scientific associations “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kristallographie” (AGKr) and “Vereinigung für Kristallographie” (VFK).

§1 Name, registered office, financial year Show
§2 Purpose of the Society Show
§3 Non-profit status Show
§4 Membership Show
§5 Compliance with good scientific practice Show
§6 Rights and duties of the members Show
§7 Membership Fees and Funding Show
§8 Boards of the Society Show
§9 The General Assembly Show
§10 The Management Board Show
§11 The Executive Committee Show
§12 Elections to the Board of Directors Show
§13 National Committee for Crystallography Show
§14 The Advisory Board Show
§15 Working Groups and Commissions Show
§16 Associated societies Show
§17 Carl-Hermann-Medal Show
§18 Will-Kleber-Commemorative Coin Show
§19 Max-von-Laue-Prize Show
§20 Amendment of the statutes and dissolution of the DGK Show
§21 Liability Show