Will-Kleber Commemorative Coin Award Committee

According to the statutes, the Will-Kleber commemorative coin is awarded for outstanding scientific contributions in selected fields of crystallography. The commemorative coin will be presented with a certificate at the annual conference of the German Society for Crystallography.

Members of the “Will-Kleber commemorative coin” prize committee:

Prof. Dr. Norbert Sträter
Chair of the Prize Committee
Universität Leipzig
Institut für Bioanalytische Chemie
Deutscher Platz 5
D-04103 Leipzig
Tel: +49 (0)341/973-1311

Prof. Dr. Guntram Jordan
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Sektion Kristallographie
Theresienstrasse 41
D-80333 München
Tel: +49 (0)89/2180-4353

Dr. Leonore Wiehl
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Fachgruppe Disperse Feststoffe
Jovanka-Bontschits-Str. 2
D-64287 Darmstadt
Tel: +49 (0)6151/16-6341

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schleid
Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Anorganische Chemie
Pfaffenwaldring 55
D-70569 Stuttgart
Tel: +49 (0)711/685-4239

Chair of the DGK (ex officio)