Regulations and statutes of the Will-Kleber-commemorative coin

Version according to the resolution of the General Assembly of the DGK of 24.3.2007 in Bremen and as published in “Mitteilungen”, issue 32 (2006).


The Will-Kleber-commemorative coin was donated to commemorate Will Kleber’s 100th birthday. It is awarded to national and international personalities for outstanding scientific contributions in selected fields of crystallography. The award consists of a silver commemorative coin and a certificate. The coin shows the portrait of Will Kleber and the dates of his or her life 1906 – 1970 on one side and the name of the prizewinner and the date of the award ceremony on the other.

Statutes for the Will-Kleber commemorative coin


The German Society for Crystallography awards a commemorative coin dedicated to the memory of Will Kleber.


The Will-Kleber commemorative coin is intended to honour outstanding scientific contributions in selected areas of crystallography. The commemorative coin will be presented with a certificate at the annual conference of the German Society for Crystallography.


The winners are selected by a committee consisting of four elected DGK members and the chairperson of the DGK (ex officio). The four committee members to be elected are elected by the general meeting for a three-year term of office; they may be re-elected once. The committee elects a chairperson from among its members, who takes the lead, ensures that deadlines are met and prepares the decision-making process. The Committee makes its decision on the basis of proposals from the members, which are communicated to or requested by the Committee. All members of the DGK are entitled to make proposals. The proposals should be submitted to the chairperson of the committee at least three months before the annual meeting.