The “Foundation for the Promotion of the Interdisciplinarity of Crystallography” awards a prize in accordance with its purposes, which is intended to contribute to promoting the linking of crystallography with other sciences in teaching and research and to make this link more visible to the public.


The prize consists of a certificate and an amount of money and will be presented at the annual conference of the German Society for Crystallography. The prize money should be at least 2000 €.


Awards are given to works in which either methods and approaches of crystallography to problems of another science (partner science) or methods and approaches of a partner science to problems of crystallography have been successfully applied, in accordance with the purpose of the “Foundation for the Promotion of the Interdisciplinarity of Crystallography”.


The prizewinners are selected by a committee consisting of three elected members of the German Society for Crystallography and the chairperson of the DGK (ex officio) and, as a rule, an appointed representative of a partner science. If proposals for prize candidates exist from several partner sciences, a representative should be co-opted from each of these partner sciences. The three committee members to be elected shall be elected by the general meeting of the trustee for three years; re-election is permissible. The committee elects a chairperson from among its members, who takes the lead, and ensures that deadlines are met and prepares the resolutions.


The committee makes its decision on the basis of proposals from the circle of DGK members and that of the partner sciences, which are communicated to or obtained from the committee. All members of the DGK as well as members of partner societies are entitled to make proposals. Applicants may also submit their own applications. Proposals should be submitted to the chairperson of the committee at least eight weeks before the annual meeting. Calls for the nomination of prize candidates should be published in good time by the Committee in the relevant specialized areas of crystallography and partner sciences.


The assets of the “Foundation for the Promotion of the Interdisciplinarity of Crystallography” are managed by the German Society for Crystallography in accordance with the trust agreement and statutes. The Board of Trustees appoints an authorised representative to manage the Foundation on its own responsibility – usually the Treasurer. Each year, the board of trustees submits an annual report to the board of directors and the general meeting of the trustee, which is audited by the auditors of the trustee.